Friday, February 20, 2009

California Dreamin'

It's interesting how a fragrance, or a color, or a sound can take us back in time. Today I was working on a new Hang Up with fabric from Mark Lipinski's Califon line. As I often do, I was trying to formulate a name for this fabulous tote as it took shape. The bold beautiful blues and bright primary colors on this fabric took me back to childhood memories of playing in the ocean and at the boardwalk at Santa Cruz, California. When I was young and through my teen years, I loved going to that charming spot on the California coast. The sand... the sun... the surf... the colorful boardwalk. There just wasn't a more idyllic setting for me as I was growing up -- still isn't. With those thoughts swirling in my mind, I decided to name this beautiful bag "California Dreamin."

I've made three totes with this wonderful fabric by Lipinksi. Each one unique, but all three fabulously appealing! I again teamed Mark's fabric up with a Kaffe Fassett creation called Paperweight Cobalt (center insert). Isn't she a beauty?

She's available on my Etsy store...

Check out Mark Lipinski's new line entitled Krakow! It's in stores now and is fabulous!!! You'll be seeing at least three more totes made from these stunning fabrics in the near future!


Shannon said...

How fun!

Kristine said...

Wow! I totally agree on the name! The circles remind me of Venus Beach with the ferris wheels. Fun tote!

P.S. I love the tote my dear hubby got me for Valentines Day! I feel so stylish and pretty when I sling it over my shoulder to go somewhere :)

Tins and Treasures said...

It was fun to hear the story behind the name...once again another great looking tote!

Be sure you check out my treasury on Etsy~

Take care, Natalie

Kristen said...

That's such a great bag! Love the colors. I have used mine so much and absolutely love it! Oh, and I enjoyed meeting you at McDonald's too!

Unknown said...

ferris wheels and fireworks.!! love the colors and the
whole look with the darker inset. love the bag!
but i love them all!

Nate's Mom said...

I can totally see Santa Cruz, especially the ferris wheel. Is there anything awesome-r than being at the top of the ferris wheel at Santa Cruz? Pretty bag too :-)

Sheri in CA (not Santa Cruz unfortunately)