Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

What moved me this week?
When one is less ambulatory one starts to appreciate the little things in life -- like the ability to skip downstairs and get your own glass of water. Truly. It makes you grateful when you are well enough to make your own bed, or go to the grocery store, or (dare I say) do the laundry and dishes. Yup, even that. The ability to perform life's boring, routine, everyday tasks becomes a blessing in your life. I'm moved by life's little challenges and blessings.

What inspired me this week?
My family & good friends continue to inspire me. I love mine. I have received countless phone calls since my operation. These family members and friends are not only inquiring after the state of my foot but, more importantly, my state of mind. Let me clarify... A month after my husband and I were married (more than 30 years ago) we were having a quiet night at home. We were watching a TV program together, but every few minutes I would jump up from the couch to do one thing or another. A bit exasperated, but with a smile on his face, my husband finally said, "Can't you just relax. Do you always have to be doing something?" It stopped me dead in my tracks. I didn't realize how much of the "get 'er done" mindset I possessed until that moment. Since then I've learned the benefits of taking a break every now and then, but I believe I would still be classified as a "doer." Although I've acquired the skill of lounging around occasionally, I want it to be on my terms -- not a forced "vacation." My family and friends know me well enough to know that a "compulsory hiatus" (because of my operation) might be just the thing that throws me over the edge and into the sanitarium. Those close to me are fully aware that I need diversions during this time of rehab, and I appreciate their phone calls and visits more than I can say. They inspire me to try to discern how I can serve others more fully and better.

What surprised me this week?
Did you know? It's National Doughnut Month. King Soopers has declared it so. As a result King Soopers deserves my profound gratitude and appreciation, because for the month of October their doughnuts are on sale for $2.99 a dozen. And for those of us with smaller households, $1.50 for a half dozen. Could there be a better reason to celebrate!?! Excuse me, while I go have three one. Oh, how I love surprises ...


Renee said...

National Doughnut Month?!!! That is a reason to celebrate.

Thanks for that link, Suzanne. I'm a new fan and will add it to my blog list!

MiaKatia said...

Why is Kroger not celebrating national doughnut month?!?!