Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pumpkiny Goodness

Today was a fall day that screamed "baking." I'll explain... Twice a year our church holds a bi-annual conference that is televised throughout the world. It's a two day conference with four two-hour sessions that feature speakers from the leaders of our church around the world. We love this time to be able to hear inspirational and spiritual talks from these wonderful men and women. This particular conference came at an especially good time for me. Since I'm still recovering from foot surgery and have, out of necessity, been in a reclined position, it was nice to be able to relax and watch these sessions on TV. However, the challenge with being in a horizontal position and watching TV, is that one has the potential of getting a little drowsy. I counteracted this tendency to snooze with sugar -- and lots of it.

I love to bake in the fall. I especially love all the spices that are associated with fall -- cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, cloves -- to name a few. I have a number of recipes that call for pumpkin -- one of my favorite being "Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies." Pumpkin is delicious, but it is especially yummy when it is surrounded by sugar and, of course, everything is made better by chocolate., since I needed a little sugar coursing through my veins to keep me attentive, I baked a batch of these pumpkin cookies. I'm sure you all have this recipe, but here are a few pictures just to give you the incentive to whip up a batch for yourself!

Happy Autumn!


Maryam said...

The way you have photographed the cookies, I picture you holding all four like a big hamburger in your hands and taking a big ole bite.
Oh, and these cookies are good, I can testify!

GRAMEE said...

Oh..thanks so much for the good advice mine are waiting for the oven to pre~ heat.
I think we will all be talking about this conference for weeks. It seems it impacted every person in a big way!

Dawn said...

I just love conference weekends! I missed Saturday's but was able to watch today. Fall is my favorite time of year and our family loves pumpkin cookies too. Here's a quick recipe for them...just in case you need them fast!!
1 box of spice cake mix
1 small can of pumpkin
1 bag of chocolate chips
Mix the cake mix and pumpkin well. Add cc and bake 375 for 20 mins.
yum yum

Devri said...

Cooked all day yesterday and took my Aanya to the ER today, so no baking for me today.. but you my friend, did a wonderful job at those delicious things.. I can smell them from over here!

Renee said...

My little Sophia just brought home a perfect pumpkin and wants to make a dessert out of it... you're timing is so good! Those cookies look delicious!

ps. Wasn't GC awesome! I was running on Saturday, so I haven't seen the earlier sessions yet, but Sunday was incredible!

Jan said...

We had a wonderful weekend here too. It was rainy and gloomy outside - but shiny and conference-y inside. Loved it!

And those cookies look yummy. Just FYI - -I made your rolls for dinner yesterday and they got rave reviews. Thank you!

Karli said...

Thanks for sending some love my way at

Your blog looks great and particularly tasty today :)

Love your totes!

MiaKatia said...

Loved conference. Zoey even watched the entire second session on Sunday. I'm not sure what she got from it, but her sitting through it was a big step.

After ruining three cakes I don't think I will be baking any time soon, but those cookies are delicious!

Mr. Smith said...

Kisa did this also...they were just as good as I'm a lucky man.

kisa said...

These cookies are so perfect for Fall and so perfect for GC! Yours look delish.

Kristine said...

Mmmmmm, I'm all over anything with pumpkin in it!