Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

As is much of the nation we are having some fabulous fall weather in Colorado. When we speak with out-of-state visitors, they are usually surprised by the weather along the front range in Colorado. Often they associate Colorado with freezing temps and heavy snowfall. That may be true in the mountain regions, but along the "front range" (from Ft. Collins in the north through Denver to Colorado Springs in the south) the temperatures are much more moderate and the snowfall considerably less. It's not unusual for us to have 60 degree weather on Christmas day. This time of year we enjoy crystal clear, cerulean skies and rich earthy shades saturate the landscape. The small photo above was taken a few minutes ago in our front yard. A couple of days ago I went into our backyard and took the pictures below to give you a taste of an October day in Colorado...

I hope you're having a beautiful day
in your neck of the woods!