Thursday, October 06, 2011

Printed Halloween Pillow

A couple of days ago I headed over to Graphics Fairy to have me a look-see. I love to check out holiday graphics when I visit, and yesterday I came upon a Halloween graphic that I loved. The image below is what pillows are made of -- at least at my house!

Last year I created a pumpkin pillow by printing a picture that I found at Graphics Fairy onto fabric, so I thought I would follow the same process to make another pillow with the image above.

All you need to begin the process of printing on fabric is a piece of paper (I've used regular copy paper or cardstock), some muslin fabric (cut slightly larger than the paper) and spray adhesive...

Start by ironing your fabric flat and laying it down on a hard, flat surface. Spray your paper with the adhesive, and carefully place it on the fabric -- adhesive side down. Press the paper onto the fabric, then trim your fabric edges to the exact size of the paper.

I downloaded the batty image from The Graphics Fairy onto my computer. 

Then I inserted the saved image into a Word document. Below is an image from my computer screen. It shows the dimensions that I enlarged the image to so it would fit horizontally onto my 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper.

To print onto your fabric put your paper/fabric into your printer -- fabric side down (for inkjet printers).  Make sure you set the 'Print Quality' to "best." Then print the image onto your cardstock/fabric.When it emerges from the printer it will look like the photo below. Kinda cute, eh?

{Just a warning: There are some tutorials in blogland that tell you to tape your fabric onto paper to print. I tried that once. For me that method didn't work well at all. When you tape the fabric to the paper, the fabric tends to shift as it goes through the printer and the image prints unevenly onto the fabric.}

Let the ink on your fabric dry for several hours, then peel off the fabric from the paper. 

{Yet another warning: This method of transferring a print directly onto a piece of fabric is NOT washable. The image runs when it comes in contact with water. I would recommend this process for seasonal items that you only display for a month or two out of the year, so the need for cleaning would be diminished. Because it isn't washable, make sure all the water is drained from your iron -- don't press your seams using steam.}

Trim your fabric so there is about 1/2" on all sides of the image. I used 1/4" seams for all the seams. To make a pillow using the image as a middle panel cut two pieces of fabric 2 1/2" wide and as long as the side are (see below). Sew the middle panel to these side panels using a 1/4" seam.

Press the seams toward the side panels and topstitch the seams to the side panels 1/8" from the seam..

To make the top and bottom panels cut two more panels that are 2 1/2" wide and as long as the top and bottom measurements of the pillow. Stitch with a 1/4" seam, trim edges if necessary, press seams toward the top and bottom panels.

Topstitch the seams to the top and bottom panel 1/8" from seam...

The end result is a pillow about 11" x 12". I finished it off with a little ric rac tucked into the seams between the front and back of the pillow...

I kind of like this little pillow. 
This is about as "scary" as I get for Halloween.

Truth is I'm a fraidy-cat at heart.


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Sandy said...

That is so cute Suzanne. I have a bunch of muslin, I may have to try this! I recently did a project where I ironed freezer paper to fabric and printed something through my printer..maybe that will work for this too.

Suzanne said...

Yup, the freezer paper is another way to do this!

cathy said...

thanks for a great tutorial! wish I had you living in my neighborhood!

Kim@todayismysome-day said...

This is awesome! I learn something new through blogs all the time. Came over via My repurposed life :)

Jane@Little House of Projects said...

I love it!

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

Really cute! Love the tutorial and love the pillow. :)

**Visiting from WhipperBerry

Tolentreasures said...

What a cute pillow. I have not had the nerve to try that on my printer yet. Guess that the only ones that I have are work ones and I can just hear the complaints when I mess one up! Great tutorial as always!


Mia said...

I tried to tell you that I love the pillow but I think it ate my comment...

Angela said...

Just beautiful. More elegance than fright, I love it.

Malinda Jane Sieg said...

Great tutorial and amazing pillow! I love how if looks with the ric rac!

Sandy said...

I made this pillow and it turned out really cute!

Here is a link to my post about it if you would like to see it: