Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Winter Jewel" - $50

Don't you love jewel-toned colors? I do too -- especially in the Winter! I love the rich ruby reds, emerald greens, topaz blues and citrine golds against the onyx background in this opulent fabric. This fabric comes from Kings Road Fabrics and was created for their "Inspired" line. I'd say it comes by its name naturally!

This "Inspired" fabric is the second textile that I bought to compliment the luscious gold material from the "Full Sun" line by Willow Berry Lane and Maywood Studio. (see below) It's fun to see how different two bags can be when one fabric is complimented by two different textiles. I love making comparisons like this!

This tote has all the usual bells and whistles. Check out my sidebar to see how my totes are constructed and feel free to email me with any questions you may have or if you have the desire to purchase one of my Hang Ups!


Shannon said...

This one is beautiful too. I love the fabric straps that you have made on both of these.

Shauna said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Wendy said...

Beautiful colors! Some day I'm going to buy one!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm back from a unexpected trip to CA (dad passed away from Cancer). Now that I'm back I can catch up and see what your working on these days. I'm always so impressed with the coordinated fabrics in your bags.