Monday, July 07, 2008

SOLD - "Walk on the Wild Side" Dwipe

Today I made two of these "Walk on the Wild Side" Dwipes. One is spoken for, but the other one is available. This "Wild" Dwipe is fully lined and interfaced. It has a boxed corner at the bottom to allow room for the storage of diapers and wipes. Attached to this Dwipe will be one baby link. (Please specify color.) You can then attach other rattles, toys, etc. to entertain the baby while he/she is being changed. (FYI: Diapers and Wet Wipes are not included.) Included in the price is the cost of shipping to the continental U.S. & Canada. You may also purchase a Dwipe pattern with complete instructions for an additional $5. However, this pattern is only available with the purchase of the Dwipe. The pattern will enable you to make as many Dwipes as you would like. With the Dwipe in hand and the detailed instructions, even the most basic sewers should be able to crank out a Dwipe! If you're interested in purchasing this Dwipe please email me at the email address on my sidebar!

1 comment:

m said...

So super cute. And you could even have a matching diaper bag with it...very fun.
I thought it was cool when I submitted my opinion on you poll about bag colors that B&W was a popular color choice. I voted for it because you could use a black and white bag way more often, the colorful bags can be more likely to clash with an outfit...
Any who, I'll talk to you later. We're out on the porch right now in the beautiful breezy/slightly overcast weather!