Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Although bindweed or morning glory is a considered a noxious weed in frost-free areas, in colder climates like mine the cultivated varieties are an absolute favorite! Although considered an annual in Colorado, in late Spring/early Summer one can have many "volunteers" sprout up where they grew the year before, but if you have them in the same spot every year, like I do, one considers this a great advantage. For a number of years I've planted them so that they climb up a tee-pee like poles in my backyard or my crawl up twine on my fence.

I love going out in my garden early in the morning and seeing their bright, three-inch blooms. This year I planted some different varieties along with my favorite that reseeds every year {Grandpa Ott}. A variety of pink and light blue blossoms have emerged as a result...

We are due for a huge rainstorm the next couple of days and are under a flood watch. Of course there is not a cloud in the sky as I write this. I imagine all the plants in my garden are looking forward to a downpour after a very hot week!

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My Repurposed Life said...

absolutely beautiful!!! I bought some morning glories off of ebay several years ago, and they never did anything. My neighbor recently planted some and I'm so envious. The only volunteers I get are from my hibiscus plants...which I need to look into whether or not I should prune them... out of control.

I sure hope you're safe and sound--saw some bad weather reports from your neck of the woods.