Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Bird Nest Necklace

The other day a sweet friend of mine presented me with this beautiful Bird Nest Necklace...

This gift holds special meaning to me. First she made it herself, which means everything to me. Next it's gorgeous. Finally this beautiful little nest has seven eggs, which symbolize my seven children. {Sigh}

I love meaningful gifts. 

My friend told me she had learned to make Bird Nest Necklaces by reading a tutorial she found on Pinterest. Go to Pinterest and type in "Bird Nest Necklace" and a myriad of tutorials will pop. I particularly liked this one at "Sarah Ortega's" blog. She uses a variety of stones and gems in her tutorial.One could even make a nest with the birthstones {or birthstone colors} of a mother's children. I might even try my hand at it -- although my attempts at making jewelry in the past has met with less-than-positive results. {geesh}

I think this would be a beautiful gift for a mother or grandmother on any occasion.
I also think it would be a perfect gift for a teen -- with her birthstone as the egg.
I can't wait to wear mine!