Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday... {kind of}

This time of year I have little in my yard to brag about. The garden is winding down, and I'm actually looking forward to shoveling snow instead of dirt. I think that's a first. I'm surprised the garden has done as well as it has since we've had such a long, hot, dry summer. Yesterday the thermometer topped out at 92 degrees. I'm ready for fall, so I thought I'd add a little flowery color to the inside of my home.

I bought this wire basket at Pottery Barn last spring. It housed an arrangement of tulips up until a couple of days ago, then I decided some fall mums should take their place...

Yesterday I finished painting the dining room. In the last few weeks I've painted the kitchen, informal dining area, family room and dining room. I think I have tennis elbow. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I do. {Advice needed -- If anyone knows if you should put hot or cold on a tennis elbow to make it feel better, please let me know.} I've got the living room and study left to paint. Wish me {and my elbow} luck.

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday

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Quilting Nonnie said...


I have tennis elbow also! I got mine from shoveling hard pack dirt in my flower garden.

Ice! You ice for 15 minutes, as many times in a day as you like. Three is the minimum.

You can use an ice pack or those gel ones. If you want very fast relief and don't have 15 minutes, use an ice cube and rub it on your "boo boo".

You're going to have to rest it a lot, a lot. Carry all your heavy stuff in your opposite hand. Don't reach behind you in the car and grab your lunch box (which is heavy) then lift it and bring it to the front. OWWW!

It takes 3-4 months to go away. You can also get a cortisone shot which helps mucho.

You can tell that I've been to my doctor, an orthopedic doctor and a physical therapist. The orthopedic dr. and the PT helped the most.

Good luck!

VickiT said...

I've had that many, many times and truthfully if you really want to get relief go see your doctor. It isn't the most pleasant thing in the world, but you will get relief from a cortisone shot. Most of the time it will hurt for another 2-3 days but then you will feel SOOOOO much better. Also, get an elbow strap. Anytime I feel the slightest twinge of pain I put mine on and leave it on for a few days and that usually will stop it from hitting me really hard. They really work very well.

Suzanne said...

Oh man. I was hoping some ibuprofen and a little rest would make it better. Thanks for the suggestions!

Barbara said...

If it's on the inside of your elbow, it's golfer's elbow, and if it's on the outside it is tennis elbow. Either way, this type of tendonitis never goes away, and ice massage is the only recommended temperature therapy. An injection of cortisone, or using it with electrical stimulation done by a physical therapist, combined with some exercises and more massage will make it a little better, but I'm afraid you'll be fighting that one forever. I'm so sorry! I have been dealing with golfer's elbow for over 10 years, but never played the game. I was an avid gardener which caused mine, but no more, sadly.

An R. N. in Florida

Suzanne said...

Thank for all your suggestions. It's already feeling much, much better. I just gave it a little rest and it's doing fine!