Friday, October 08, 2010

Autumn Goodness

As I said last night I've been working on a project that should have taken about two minutes, but ended up taking a good portion of my time this week. I took a wicker stool that started out a stark white and, after a little spray paint and glaze, it ended up looking like this...
The fabulous thing about this little table-like-stool is that its new color perfectly matches some wicker furniture that currently resides on the patio in our backyard. So after her foray by my front door she will be relegated to the backyard to live with her friends.

There's nothing terribly exciting here. 
Just a few pictures of some pumpkiny goodness by my front door...
Get a load of that mum in the foreground. 
Isn't she gorgeous?!?
 We have an invasion...
I saw this bat idea over at No Biggie the other day. Don't you love this swarm of bats? You could cut the bats out with a die-cut or craft punch, but I just bought some stickers at Michael's and slapped them on! They were a Martha Stewart brand. Martha was on Oprah this week. As a promotion for her products there is a 50% off sticker for all of Martha Stewart's crafting products at Michael's this week. I bought my swarm of bats for a dollar-fifty. Just go here to print the coupon!
 I thought it was a cute idea for decorating a pumpkin before you carve it.
 Here's a photo of the wreath I have on our front door.
It's a nice, unasuming fall wreath
until you look a little
 I have a daughter that would avoid coming to our house for the month
of October if she knew there was a spider lurking
by the entrance of our home.
 You've got to admit she is a fabulous bedazzled arthropod.
Have a great day!


AverettLadyNana said...

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!!!

Melissa said...

All of it is lovely but I have to confess nature outdoes you! ;) That mum is spectacular. :)

Tina said...

Your pumpkins look fabulous on your 'new' stool:) I love the bats on the pumpkin!! Your autumn wreath is BEAUTIFUL!! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Suzanne ~ Txx

Anonymous said...

Nice fall decorations! I especially like the arrangement you made with the wicker stool. Your mums are gorgeous!

Melissa said...

i have been led here by the gorgeous tina...

i was wanting inspiration for making an autumn wreath with all the leaves my youngest little gal audrey has collected on EVERY walk we've had this week!

yours in's sat morning here in england so i am going to make another cup of tea and set to work!!


melissa x

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

way to go suzanne! I love how your pumpkins look. Great idea to sticker them. :)
pretty wreath. I have done absolutely NOTHING for fall. Too busy trying to get the kitchen done and get ready for my ONE show. What was I thinking? lol
anyhow, love how your fall decor all came together.

Liz said...

Gorgeous! Love the fall decor, wish we could do it in OZ!!

Mia said...

Man the sticker pumpkin idea is right up my alley! Love the way the stool worked out with all the pumpkins.