Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

What inspired me this week?
Last night I was a chaperon for a youth activity for our church. It was a water activity at a lake in town. The kids were skipping across the lake in tubes behind a power boat. I'm fairly certain they were in the air more than on the surface of the lake! The activity began at 6pm and ended when the sun set around 8pm. Sitting there on the edge of that lake watching the sun set behind Longs Peak inspired and rejuvenated me. I've been so busy lately, and it was wonderful to be able to relax, laugh, and be inspired by such a beautiful sight!

What surprised me this week?
I love it when service people arrive on time for appointments made. I know this sounds trivial, but it's a big deal to me. This morning I'm having my carpets cleaned and the young man called an hour before our scheduled appointment to remind me that he would be coming and then he arrived on time. Bless his little heart. I'm pleasantly surprised when this happens!

What moved me this week?

A life well lived. This week I attended the funeral of one of my uncles. He was 89 years old when he passed and had lived a long, full life. As I sat in the congregation listening to the eulogies, I was moved.

There are many measures of "success" in this life. In our very nature is the desire to achieve and to be successful. Success is often measured by power, or popularity, or winning, or achievement. I think we've all measured success at one time or another by the accumulation of wealth. As I listened to those who spoke at my uncle's funeral, I realized what a successful man he truly was. I was, however, measuring success in a way the world usually does not. In his twenties he married and was faithful and true to that same woman for all of his life. This good man raised four children to adulthood and was a father they would choose to emulate. He was a loving and playful grandfather. He never graduated from high school, but he worked hard throughout his life to provide for his family. He was a good friend and neighbor. He studied the scriptures, learned from them, and tried to live his life in accordance with the principles taught therein. He never accumulated much wealth, but he learned that God would provide for those who are faithful. He wasn't prominent or revered, except by his friends and family. He didn't hold multiple degrees from prestigious universities, but he learned wisdom. Much to admire and attempt to emulate. The world might question his "success" in life, but, in my mind, true success is not measured by the definitions of the world.

I am moved by simple lives well lived.


Renee said...

I always love your Thurs lists and completely understand appreciating polite and prompt workers. It just makes life that much sweeter when your not in limbo.

So sorry to hear about your uncle. He sounds like a wonderful guy.

MiaKatia said...

I love people who are on time in general, because I rarely am... and it bugs me even about myself. So I appreciate promptness.

I am glad you got to go to your uncle's funeral. I know that he was loved very much by his family.

Quilt Hollow said...

You always make me think about my own life...thanks for that.

Jenni said...

Thanks for coming to the funeral. It was wonderful to see you there. I, too, have been so grateful this week for his simple life well lived. Beautifully said. XOXO!

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of this--"moved by simple lives well lived." Inspiring.