Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thankful Thursday... a day early

Wow... a day early! I feel so on-the-ball. Because I am going to start my Hang Up Give-Away tomorrow, I thought I'd post my Thankful Thursday post a day early...

What moved me this week?

My husband. He's such good man. He's the kind of guy that would gladly rearrange his schedule to help a family member, a friend or a stranger. Earlier this week one of our neighbors became ill and was hospitalized. We found out about it a day later when her companion called and asked if I could pick her up from the hospital as she was being released that day. Weeks ago I had scheduled an appointment that morning for my daughter, her fiance' and I to meet with the florist to make arrangements for their wedding. It wasn't possible to change that appointment, so my husband rearranged his schedule and transported our neighbor home. Later that day he picked up our son-in-law at the airport because I was otherwise occupied. Daily he tries to make my life easier by being of service to me, and he often serves friends and strangers with a smile on his face and a happy heart. He moves me with his thoughtfulness.

What surprised me this week?
I'm always surprised by the fact that "stopping and smelling the roses" can be so invigorating and uplifting! I have a dear friend who visits with me about once a month. She usually comes over to my home and we catch up on all the latest in our lives. A couple of weeks ago we planned a luncheon date and we met today at a favorite restaurant of ours. I have felt a little harried lately, trying to plan and arrange all the events and festivities of our daughter's wedding next month. It felt so good to sit and relax and chat with a good friend. I truly think some of life's sweetest blessings come from friendships.

What inspired me this week?
On the 4th of July we had an outing at a lake a few blocks from our home. We packed up the kayak and some breakfast and headed over to the lake. A couple of us rode our bikes over, so those of us who weren't in the kayak could be riding around the lake on the bike trail. It couldn't have been a more beautiful morning. Green grass, purple mountains, blue water -- one of those picture-perfect mornings that makes you glad you're alive. I am inspired by and grateful for the beautiful land we live in!


Jan said...

I too am so grateful to be married to a really really good man. Such a gift and a great blessing.

And the beauty around us? Oh, my goodness. It really fills me up.

GRAMEE said...

i have been missing in action for nearly a month..
i have your posts on my google reader.. i have missed a lot..
i see your having a giveaway! i feel so unworthy to enter this one! i have been so neglectful of your blog..but i am me and i am still trying to win so i will enter!! lol..
i too am married to a truly wonderful husband and father, grandfather..son, uncle..friend..etc.
i do love him dearly!!
i am excited to see the new hangup!

MiaKatia said...

I love that hubby of yours. He really is such a caring guy. Hope the neighbor is doing better. Lunch sounds wonderful. Colorado is so beautiful! I can't wait to see the Rockies.

Renee said...

Your blog posts are wonderful, but your life sounds even better! You do so many fun things!!! Is this what life is like after your kids leave the nest? WAHOO!!!!

Kristine said...

Its so nice to read other peoples thankful lists. Good husbands are a true blessing! Its so nice to be able to sit down during a crazy period in life and take it slow for an hour or so. What a great way to spend the 4th! Among nature, with family! Great list!

Carolynn said...

Wow, your husband truly sounds like a rare gem. As a single person, once divorced, I speak with some authority on that subject...yet, I remain hopeful. ;o)

You have a daughter of marrying age?! I never would have guessed. Enjoy all the fuss & bother with the wedding preparations, they'll be wonderful memories later.

I love kayaking. It's so peaceful and close to nature. I haven't been out for quite a while. It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend of celebration.