Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three more Bridal Shower Games...

Here are the last three bridal shower games that we played at the party on Saturday. Two of these I concocted for this shower and they ended up being two of my favorites! We'll start with a standby that is a favorite of mine...

20 Questions
Before the bridal shower interview the groom by asking 20 questions. Make sure he doesn't talk to the bride about the interview. During the shower ask the bride the same questions and see how many they agree upon. The guest that guesses the closest number to the number the bride gets correct wins the prize. This game affords the guests the opportunity to get to know the bride and groom a little better. You can make up your own questions or use the following: 1.) Where did you first meet? 2.) Where did you go on your first date? 3.) On what date did you get engaged? 4.) Groom - What first attracted you to bride? 5.) Bride - What first attracted you to groom? 6.) What is the bride's least favorite food? 7.) What is the groom's favorite food? 8.) If the bride could live anywhere after the wedding, where would it be? 9.) If the groom could travel anywhere, where would he go? 10.) Who kissed who first? 11.) Groom - Name a character trait that you love about the bride. 12.) Bride - What spiritual trait do you most admire in the groom? 13.) What is the groom's favorite season? 14.) What is the bride's favorite holiday? 15.) Groom - Aside from spending time with the bride, what is your favorite pastime? 16.) Bride - Aside from spending time with the groom, what is your favorite pastime? 17.) What is the bride's favorite color? 18.) What is the groom's favorite sport? 19.) Groom - Where were you when you first realized you were in love with your bride? 20.) Bride - Where were you when you first realized you were in love with the groom?

Rings & Rocks
This next game turned out to be one of my favorites. Before the shower purchase some big blingy "diamond" rings at a hobby store. Also buy some small 1 inch polished pebbles and arranged them both in a vase. At the shower bring out the vase and direct your comments to the bride by saying something like this, "You'll notice there are some beautiful diamonds in this vase and some rocks. Occasionally as you travel along the road of marital bliss, you may happen upon a boulder or two that could mar your happiness and contentment for a time. It's important to learn how to avoid, traverse, drive around and remove these road blocks." Then direct this comment to your guests, "Do any of you have any advice to share with the bride about how she can avoid these obstacles or help her marriage when these obstacles arise?" I'll have to admit when I made up this game, I thought maybe 2 or 3 people would chime in with a little advice. Not even. Every single one of the ladies had a word of wisdom to share with their little sista! Some of the advice given was serious and reflective. Some ladies had us laughing with their comical antics. After the advice giving, I had the ladies try to guess how many items were in the vase. The one closest to the actual amount won the prize. (Variation for Baby Shower -- Put little plastic 1" babies that you find at hobby stores and rocks in a clear baby bottle and continue to play the game asking for advice for the mother-to-be.)

Create your Bridal Bouquet
Here is the last game! Before the shower make a poster with photos of common flowers found in a bridal bouquets. Some suggestions might be: iris, mum, lilies, roses, rununculas, carnation, orchid, freesia, calla lily, hydrangeas, stephanotis, peonies, hyacinths, lily of the valley, etc. To find the photos, just google "rose photo" or "hydrangea photo" and you will get a myriad to choose from. Save the photos on your computer and print off copies of each flower, then mount them on mat board. During the shower the guests are asked to "build" their own bridal bouquet from three of the flowers shown on the poster. The bride does the same. The guest who chooses the same flowers (or closest to the same flowers) as the bride wins the prize. If there is a tie -- break it by guessing numbers between 1 & 100!


Devri said...

All sound great! hugs to you my friend!

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Tins and Treasures said...

I especially like the 20 questions game...Kinda like the newly wed game on TV...
Happy July ~Natalie

Kristine said...

I do love the 20 questions game :) The other two you made up are cute, quick, and fun! Again...very creative!