Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Today is certainly not a typical post for Bloomin' Tuesday. Then again, we aren't necessarily having typical weather in Colorado for mid May. This is what happens in Colorado {mid May} when it snows on Mother's Day and the low temps dip down to the 20s at night.

Your utility room becomes an indoor nursery for all the potted plants you've purchased recently. I don't even trust the garage to keep these blossoms alive when it's that cold at night.

The unfortunate thing is that there is still a pathway cleared to the washer and dryer. I'm quite sure another trip to the nursery could take care of that.

I'm so glad we decided to plant our veggie garden after Mother's Day. That's generally the rule of thumb in Colorado. "Don't plant annuals till after Mother's Day." This year it's even later than that, but I am looking forward to getting some annuals and veggies planted next week! 

Hope it's a little warmer in your neck of the woods!