Monday, September 09, 2013

Home Again...Fabric...Tutorial...

I returned home last evening from a wonderful week with one of my son's and his family. They had a new little one join their brood a few weeks ago, so I went to help the family. So much fun! I miss them already. Here's an adorable photo of his older sister. She and I took a lot of walks together. It made me realize how much a two year old enjoys the journey. She hopped along picking up treasures and holding them in her chubby little hands loving every minute of the adventure. As an adult I usually set my sights on the destination, rather than appreciating the journey. It was a good lesson for me to learn.

As much as I miss that little newborn baby boy and his family, it was good to get home. These beautiful fabrics were waiting for me when I returned...

I have a lot of projects that I'm going to be working on this fall for Christmas presents. These will definitely come in handy. I ordered them at Fabric Bubb (Etsy shop).

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to publishing my tutorial for the Child's Play Tent that I posted about last week. It's such a fun, easy project that anyone -- regardless of their sewing ability -- can tackle!

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