Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ahhhhh.... Fabric

I love fabric. Pure and simple it makes my heart go pitter-patter. A couple of weeks ago I hit upon a particularly fabulous sale. Not only did I get shipping free, but I got an additional 30% off sale items. Yum. What's more it was fabrics that I absolutely adored! See that newsprint fabric below? I've been wanting a fabric like that for months. I know just what I'm going to make with it...

L to R:
Woodland Dots & Vines Yellow

Look at these fabrics below. Isn't the one in the middle with the corn and sunshine adorable. Love the gray, lime and lemon color combination on that fabric. It would be fabulous with the newsprint fabric above. The floral fabrics below are two fabrics from the same collection -- just different color combinations. If you look carefully there are different critters (squirrels and birdies) scurrying around the design...
L to R:
Garden of Delights Flora & Fauna White
Crabtastic Corn Maze Grey
Garden of Delights Flora & Fauna Taupe

Oooh la la! Take a look {below} at this adorable fabric with a Parisian flair! Corner cafes, the Eiffel Tower, and side streets punctuate this charming fabric. Paris at its best!

L to R:
Woodland Dots & Vines Yellow
 Woodland Dots & Vines Pink
 Woodland Dots & Vines Teal
J'Adore Stella Paris Map Blue

I love the designs on the Woodland Dots & Vines fabrics (blue fabric below, pink and mustard above). These fabrics are so versatile that they could be used in practically any project I could dream up. I should have gotten about 50 yards of each color. The little birdie and birdcage fabric below is from the same "Parisian" line as the road map fabric above -- so cute.

 L to R:
J'Adore Stella Birdcages White
Woodland Dots and Vines Teal


Ana Lopes said...

Hi Suzanne,
For me fabrics are a real tentation! Those are so cute, I love "J'adore Stella birdscage and Paris map".Good work.

Hug from Portugal,
Ana Lopes

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama said...

love the fabrics,, especially the newsprint one.

pasqueflower said...

As my kids would say -- SCORE!! You got some terrific bargains and beautiful fabrics.

Anonymous said...

oh very nice Suzanne.xx

Debby said...

Fabric is my budget downfall, you Scored big time!!!