Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

What surprised me this week?
I had a nice surprise this week. My daughter, the bride, and I arrived home from Omaha yesterday afternoon after helping with the new grandbaby for a week. I had very little contact with the internet while I was gone. This morning I opened my email and realized I had won a Soirre honey bun from Karen at Badlands Quilts. I squealed with delight. My husband was sitting next to me working on his computer and asked what the commotion was about. I responded that I had won a "honey bun." His eyebrows raised. I guffawed. All around I am one happy lady. Thank you, Karen, for such a wonderful surprise!

What moved me this week?
I had so many lovely moments this last week. There's nothing like a brand new baby to put life into perspective. Even with all the wedding preparations looming in the future and things waiting to get done here at home, nothing seemed more important than attending to that little one. He is an angel -- pure and simple. There were so many sweet tender moments while we were visiting, but the ones that moved me the most were when I caught my daughter mothering her little brood. She is such a kind, sweet mother. She shows so much patience and love toward her little boys. It is such a compelling experience to watch your children as they mother and father their own little ones so beautifully. To the left is a picture of my daughter and her newest little miracle. That picture alone moves me.

What inspired me this week?
I had a number of people respond to my Thankful Thursday post last week about what "inspired" me that week, but I had even more that responded by email. These blogging friends, who I've never met and who I don't know well, were so sweet to agree with my assessment that through God's help we can bear our burdens and endure our trials more easily. They related difficult experiences in their own lives when they felt the strength and encouragement that only the Savior can provide. I just wanted to thank those who shared their very personal thoughts with me. Your reflections and stories inspired me. Testimony truly gives us the eternal perspective necessary to go through and see past the challenges we inevitably face in this life.


Devri said...

Wow, what a beautiful post Suzanne,

let me tell you something, once I remembered my birthday! I thought of you. I went up stairs and looked at my awesome bag, and was thankful for my friendship with you. Sorry I have been MIA on your blog so much, I hit some here and their, but not much of anyones lately, I am going through my own trials that has put me out of the blogging umph! oh well... I will get back on the wagon once school starts, or after the surgery! maybe!

I heart you, and am giving you a cyber hug. Please this is the time to put your arms around your screen too! lol

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Suzanne, what a lovely post. Your grandbaby is just adorable. My son and his wife is expecting a baby in October. It will be grandchild #18 for my husband and I.
And congratulations on your win! Its always fun to win something!

Tolentreasures said...

How true on seeing your own daughters mother their children! It is one of my greatest joys to see them be such loving mothers!


Julie said...

What a gorgeous post, Suzanne! That picture truely is moving! Love keeps us motivated and encouraged all through life!

Jesus is love!