Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tote-al Give-Away!

I'm very excited about this Tote Give-Away. I've always dreamed of being Oprah. That's not totally accurate actually. I don't really want to be Oprah. I just wanted to have the kind of moola to indiscriminately give away cars and houses and other desirables to deserving people like Oprah does. Of course, if I had that kind of money I would also have some pretty cushy digs myself, but I'd rather consider the altruistic side of it and how I would make other people's dreams come true. I imagine we've all experienced similar thoughts ...

I have to admit I had an ulterior motive when I asked you to state which tote you would like to win. I wanted each participant to have the pleasure of winning her favorite bag. What I didn't say, was that I'm operating this Tote Give-Away "Oprah-style." Ok, that's an exaggeration because if Oprah was running this contest, she would give away not only the tote, but she would have car keys inside the tote and a SUV in your driveway. If only... Still, I do have a little surprise up my sleeve! This Give-Away I will be giving away ALL the bags! Yup, they are all going to good homes!

The winning number that I chose before the contest started was 56. The month of May happens to be my birth month, so I chose the year I was born, 1956, for the winning number. All those who guessed closest to that number without going over in each purse "category" won the tote of their choice. The winners are:

Tropical Skies - Brittney, with the winning number of 27
Pink Polka-Dot Snake - Jillian, with the winning number of 32
Part Purse/Part Pet - Maryam, with the winning number of 50
Black & White - Brittany, with the winning number of 42
Asian Beauty - Jan, with the winning number of 54

Congratulations, Ladies. I hope you enjoy!

(PS - Even though it shows I posted this email on Sunday, May 11, I actually just wrote it then. I waited until Monday morning, May 12, to make sure no one else had made a prediction before the midnight deadline Sunday night.)