Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another Tote Give-Away!

It's time once again for another Tote Give-Away! As is evident in the picture to the right, there is little better than a matching handbag! The contest will run through midnight on Sunday, May 11th. Monday morning, May 12th, the winner of the contest will be announced!

This contest will run a little differently than last month's contest. We are opening this contest up to blogging friends, friends, and relatives of my daughters & daughter-in-laws (or my sons for that matter) and myself. If you are a friend or a great aunt three times removed from any of us you can participate. Likewise, if you are a blogging friend that has commented on any of our blogs in the last month, you too can sign up to win a free tote!

Here are the rules of the contest:

1.) The participants must live in the continental U.S. (I will provide the postage.)
2.) Each participant must choose a DIFFERENT number between 1 & 100.
3.) The person who guesses the closest number to the winning number without going over will win.
4.) Include your guess in a "comment" below.

Now for the FUN part! This month you get to select the bag you would like to win! The options are below. So ... when you leave your comment, make sure you leave your "winning" number and the name of the bag you would like to win! Here are the choices (click on the picture to enlarge) ...

Tropical Skies, (13" x 16", 22" straps)
Pink Polka Dot Snake, (11" x 13", 22" straps)
Part Purse/Part Pet, (11" x 15", 22" straps)
Black & White, (11" x 13", 22" straps)
Asian Beauty, (11" x 13", 22" straps)
Good luck to all!