Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Fabulous Gift Ideas for Boys...

If you have a little boy who needs a Christmas gift this year, you are going to thank me for this post -- profusely. After birthing five boys and being blessed with seven grandsons I knows a thing or two about what makes little boys tick. Here are some fabulous gift ideas that are reasonably priced and perfect for the little boys in your life.

The Ultra Stomp Rocket is a huge hit for boys of all ages. Little ones as young as two years of age with adult supervision can learn to make the rocket fly by pouncing on the launcher. Older kids can sale the rocket into outer space. It is my recommendation that you buy one for the adults in your family so they don't confiscate this present for their own enjoyment. 

We bought the Air Strike Catapult for our five year old grandson this year. Most little boys love to hurl things through the air. We figure it might as well be nerf balls in a catapult. Although I'm fairly certain within minutes he'll figure out that rocks work just as well in this contraption. {Keepin' it real.} We bought "Ball Refills" with this item.

Light Up UFO is a gift that my sister suggested this year. I get a lot of my ideas from her. She's a pre-school teacher with lots of grandsons -- the perfect combination. She has her pulse on what boys love. This is a great gift for an older boy.

The Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow is one of my all-time favorite gift for boys and girls. We bought several of these last year and they were a huge hit. Again, I would suggest buying an extra if you have a crowd at your house, because adults will want to try their luck at hitting the bullseye too! I would suggest you buy a Bullseye Paper Target with this gift. Otherwise, moving objects (children, grandmothers, squirrels, etc.) take the brunt of these arrows. Just sayin'.

The Multi-Voice Changer is a fabulous gift for children who live far, far away from your home. Far, far away. We bought this gift for all our grandchildren last year for Christmas. Unfortunately, some of them were visiting at the time. It can get a little obnoxious, but it's a lot of fun. It amplifies voices and changes voices in a myriad of ways. Once again, both old and young loved it!

We have a couple of grandsons (ages 5 and 7) that love soccer. This Hover Ball might be the perfect gift for them. They have a huge basement where they play, and I can see this "ball" entertaining them for hours during the winter months when they are inside more than outside. It's a hover ball with soft sides that won't damage furniture or walls -- or so they say. These two will test that theory.

I hope these suggestions were helpful. My husband and I are so blessed to have many little ones in our lives. This time of year it's especially fun finding each one a gift that will give them hours of joy!

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