Wednesday, March 13, 2013

For the love of fabric...

Plain and simple... I have a thing for fabric. There's something about getting a new shipment in the mail of fabric I've painstakingly chosen that gives me a thrill. I found these beautiful picks at Fabric Worm. They have a delectable assortment of fabrics! I particularly love the Noteworthy Collection. I received a gift from someone at Christmastime that was made from this collection, and I adore it!

 Top to bottom:
"Plant a Garden" Blue Mist, Noteworthy Collection by Sweetwater
"Fly a Kite" Blue Mist, Noteworthy Collection
"Sing Out Loud" Blue Mist, Noteworthy Collection
"Bucket List" Blue Mist, Noteworthy Collection 

Left to right:
"Plant a Garden" Cloudy, Noteworthy Collection by Sweetwater
"Sing Out Loud" Vanilla, Noteworthy Collection

Clockwise, starting top left:
"Fly a Kite" Pickle, Noteworthy Collection by Sweetwater
"Sing Out Loud" Pickle, Noteworthy Collection
"Fly a Kite" Multi, Noteworthy Collection

Top to bottom:
"Jacks Aqua", Applejack Collection, by Tim & Beck for Moda Fabrics
"Doodles Ivory", Applejack Collection


VickiT said...

Oh my gosh! You did good! I LOVE them all. I can't find one in that entire group I wouldn't have chosen myself.

I did laugh when I read your post though, I do have to admit to that. When I read "Plain and simple....I have a thing for fabric" I laughed thinking, don't we all? LOL

Angela Bullard said...

Is it sad that I have every one of those fabrics in my stash except for the Doodles Ivory (which I may be adding after seeing it here for the first time)? So what I mean to say is...great choices :)!