Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

What surprised me this week?
As some of you know, on Monday I had a foot operation. Throughout my life as I have had contact with medical professionals, I have come to the conclusion that these groups of people are a rare breed. Generally speaking -- they are so very kind and nurturing. The experience I had with the doctors and nurses that helped me on Monday was no exception to this rule. I truly appreciate the kindness and professional care I received before, during, and after my operation. I am always pleasantly surprised by the consideration and care of strangers.

What moved me this week?
Today my husband and I celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. I don't know where those years went. We still feel as if we are just "starting out." The last few days I've watched my husband as he has juggled work, housework, and me. He's been my go-to man when I've needed anything, because I have to stay off my foot for a time. I think there are many qualities that make a happy marriage, but I imagine service to one another is probably at the top of the list. I so appreciate the service he has performed for me with a smile on his face and a tender touch over the years. Even after 32 years, he still moves me.

What inspired me this week?
This week has been difficult for me, but it has been made so much easier by the good deeds I've experienced. From the doctors and nurses at the hospital, to my husband, children, friends and blogging friends who have all shown me compassion. I have appreciated phone calls, visits, notes, little gifts and tender loving care. Each of these instances inspires me to do better and serve others when they are in need.


Mila Julia n Ryan said...

Oh, what a sweet post. get better soon girl!!!! We all love you and your creations. So, put that foot to work hard and get better soon : )

MiaKatia said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you are feeling better to day :)

PS How did you get the bird's eye orange?

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Happy 32nd Anniversary!! Enjoy!

randi said...

Happy anniversary! And best wishes with your recovery!

Renee said...

What a beautiful list! Congrats to you and your husband. 32 years, wow! That's awesome.

ps. Hey Suzanne, when you're all healed, I can't wait to see your piece of furniture redone. I'm going to attempt to sew a fitted slipcover for a settee in my living room. This is only because I want to use the reupholstery money on another piece of furniture! We'll see if I don't manage to ruin it. I'll post my pictures, if you post yours!