Monday, May 06, 2019

Christmas Quilt...

There's something appealing about a bunch of pets dressed up in Christmasy frocks, scarves, knitted sweaters, and woolen caps. It seems to bring out the Christmas spirit in us all. This Ink and Arrow, "Mingle and Jingle Pets" fabric became the inspiration for my latest Christmas quilt.

I paired it with a few other coordinating and playful patterns...

... and brought them all together to make this fun and lively quilt!

I imagine this quilt will be appreciated by some of the little ones (who love puppies and kittens) in our family!

The back of the quilt is an entirely different fabric from those shown on the front, but the colors and theme of animals and Christmas blend nicely.

The quilting pattern on this one is the snowflake I've used on a couple of the other Christmas quilts I've made. Love this pattern...

Here's to another quilt waiting to be wrapped up and sent to a family I love for Christmas!

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