Monday, January 30, 2017

Snappy Bag & Mommy Cards...

It seems as if many of my ideas lately are gifts for a new mother. This is one that you won't see every day. The transition from career/working woman to stay-at-home momma can be significant. As much as we look forward to children coming into our lives, the shift from a working lifestyle where you are in constant association with others, to a lifestyle with a baby and husband being your "whole world" leaves many young mothers yearning for a little outside fellowship with others in a similar situation. Fortunately, staying at home is less structured than working, so you are in a position to meet others and become friends. That's where a "Mommy Card" comes in. You use it much the same as a business card.

One can hand it out to other young mothers you might happen to meet at the library, park, church or wherever! The card tells them your name and some contact information of your choice.

I ordered these cards for my daughter-in-law who after a number of years is becoming a stay-at-home mother to their first baby. They came from Vista Print and cost about $20 {embossing was extra} for 100 cards. If you think that's too many, you don't know my outgoing and friendly daughter-in-law. They are moving in the next couple of weeks, so she's sure to use them as she meets other young mothers living near her new home. 

I don't know if you remember my "Snappy Bag." Go here for the tutorial. They are just the right size to carry a young mother's new Mommy Cards. 

I think this is a fun little gift for the new mother to help her transition to her new role when she becomes a stay-at home momma!