Monday, July 27, 2015

Wedding Cake Toppers...

I'm not a deep thinker, however, when it comes to details surrounding a wedding I might tend to over think. I've mentioned that our son is getting married in the near future and that my husband and I are hosting a wedding brunch to be held after the wedding ceremony. The brunch has a "French Country" theme. The reception the day before will be the main event, so we hope this brunch will have a more relaxed atmosphere. Still, I love to plan the details of events like this, so I hope it's very special. Instead of a typical wedding cake we are serving a number of different french desserts {fresh fruit and creme filled tarts, macarons, and croquembouche} and several simply decorated white cakes. That way the bride and groom will have the opportunity to take part in the tradition of "cutting a cake" after the wedding ceremony. As a result I've been scouring the internet and stores for three cute cake toppers to place on top of these three simply decorated eight-inch cakes.When I saw this adorable ring bowl an idea was born.

Instead of having cake toppers that have no use after the ceremony, I wanted each cake topper to be kept and used throughout their married life. That was no small task. It took a lot of imagination to come up with the three toppers, but here they are. The first topper I bought was this ring holder. The mint green color goes perfectly with their wedding decor, and I hope the bride uses it whenever she needs to remove her rings. I found this at a flea market in our town.

The second topper is this beautiful little crown that I bought in "Parts for your Art" Etsy store.

I fell in love with several wedding cakes with a crown topper on Pinterest. I bought this crown in a blue color and changed the color slightly to light sage green, then glazed it to make it appear to be a vintage French item. Have you ever seen newborn baby photos with a crown on the head of the baby? Well, in the future this item can be used in that way when their babies are born and, then again, if they wish, as a 1st birthday cake topper.

I really struggled over the third item, but when I came upon a miniature glass cloche the light went off. I bought the cloche and then went looking for the other items. The base of the cloche was found at Hobby Lobby -- just a 3.5" round plywood disk. I'll put a pretty doily die cut on top of the disk and just under the cloche. 

Then I'll thread some ribbon around the tops of the two keys and tie it in a bow. Those keys go under the cloche. The keys symbolize the keys of the bride's and groom's hearts. The keys can later be used as their first Christmas tree ornament.

Each cake will be put on one of these beautiful cake stands that I bought from Save-On-Crafts. I think they are so pretty and they have that Frenchy feel that I'm trying to incorporate into the brunch!

Sometimes I think I'm a little "out there" when I put so much effort into something that could be so simple, but I hope it's the touches like these that make the brunch special and beautiful.