Thursday, July 02, 2015


My husband is fond of a little saying that he repeats to friends whenever the subject of house painting comes up. He says, "Suzanne has painted the rooms in our house so many times that we've lost square footage." I'd like to fault the man for being unkind, but no truer words were ever spoken. I love to paint walls. It's the quickest and one of the least expensive ways to update a room. Earlier this week I finally finished the last of the wedding picnic blankets, so I decided to do a quick redo that I've put off for a few months. I painted our laundry room about five years ago and never really liked the color. It's a nice size room, but it only has one small window and the colors I chose were too dark for the space. I've been oohing and awing over laundry rooms on Pinterest, so I decided to lighten up the room...

I'm putting a light gray --  Behr Burnished Clay -- on three of the walls and doing a cool blue -- Behr Harmonious -- on the accent wall.

The photos I take indoors are never true to color, but the swatches above give you a more accurate idea of the color combination. I love it. It'll make me want to go in the room and tackle the most stubborn stains. {Kidding. Not even new paint could have the effect on me.} Yesterday I put the first coat of paint on the wall. It felt great to work a project that didn't require a sewing machine.

Today I'll put the second coat on, and then I'll enjoy the holiday (Independence Day) weekend.
Monday I'll get back to the accent wall. Can't wait to see that blue on the wall! I'm hoping it isn't too bright.

This blog post is about as exciting as watching paint dry. 


Reno said...

I find blog posts about drying paint very exciting!

Createology said...

My husband and I recently painted our newly remodeled downstairs bathroom. Then we painted the very large hallway. Now I want to keep painting with fresh new colors! Alas hubby is tired and I cannot do it by myself. Your colors are beautiful.

Gail Wilson said...

ugh! I hate to paint walls... it takes years for me to change up the walls.

loving the new colors. :)

happy 4th!


geri anne said...

I want to see after pictures! Tried to find them on your blog in another post to no avail......Thanks!