Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm back with a Plaque Attack!!!

This "Plaque Attack" is just for you!

The month of August is a blur. We've had our kids and grandkids visiting for the past month, and my blog has felt the brunt of my attention to those very important people in my life. I'm not apologizing, just stating fact. As much as I love blogging, it pales in comparison to the importance of family. Four of our kids and their families came home at one time or another this month. Each one overlapping the next. The last kiddos leave on Thursday and things get back to "normal", until my husband and I leave for a Labor Day weekend get-away to visit another child and his family. Life is so good.

...Enough catching up. I have a very exciting announcement to make. Last Christmas I made a little Christmas plaque. (You can see it here.) After showing it off I offered to send the wording for the plaque via an email attachment to those who wanted to recreate a plaque for themselves. I thought a few people would take me up on the offer. I was actually very surprised by the number of people who responded.

The other day I started thinking about this, and the idea of "Plaque Attack" was hatched! The best way to describe "Plaque Attack" is that it is a plaque-of-the-month club. Each month -- a few days before a new month begins -- I will make a post featuring a new plaque. The plaque wording will reflect holidays or activities unique to the coming month. If you like the plaque and would like to make one for yourself, you can email me requesting the document. (Make sure you specify the month you are requesting.) My email address is on my sidebar. I will be happy to send you the wording for the plaque in a power point document via email. No purchase necessary. All you will have to do is select a sheet of scrapbook paper and print it off!

Today we are going to start with our
September "Plaque Attack!"

Subway art is the rage right now,
so this plaque is in the form of just such a sign!

You will need the following materials:
1- 6 1/2" square wooden plaque
1 - piece of scrapbook paper
Spray paint primer (optional, but recommended)
Spray paint in your choice of color
Mod Podge
Paint brush

Start by emailing me for the wording and printing it off on a piece of scrapbook paper. I chose an apple green color for my September plaque.

A 6 1/2" square wooden plaque can be purchased at any hobby store. I found mine at Hobby Lobby for a grand total of $1.47. The wood products at HL go on sale at 50% off every few weeks, so you can always stock up when they do. Not that $1.47 is going to break the bank, but why not take advantage of sales -- especially if you are making multiple plaques for friends!

I lightly sanded my plaque, primed it and painted it an apple green.

When you print the wording onto scrapbook paper, let the paper rest for about 12 hours to fully dry the ink before you attach it to the plaque, otherwise the ink may run. Then trim the paper to the correct size of your plaque. Paint the front of your plaque with a layer of Mod Podge. Then do the same to the back of the scrapbook paper, and apply the paper to the front of the plaque. Make sure all bubbles under the surface of the paper have been eliminated and that the paper is nice and flat. I have found that as the Mod Podge dries little bubbles under the surface of the paper will flatten out.

Suggestion: When using Mod Podge it is best to cover both surfaces with Mod Podge and then adhere the two surfaces together. Mod Podge adheres best to "itself." If you only apply Mod Podge to one of the surfaces, I have found the object you glue down has a tendency to peel off the other surface.

Finally, liberally apply a finish coat of the Mod Podge over the entire front of the plaque to give it texture and sheen. Let dry...

After it has dried you have a finished project that looks like this...

The only materials that I needed to buy for this project were the wooden plaque and the scrapbook paper, so this project cost less than $2! You heard me right. For under $2 you can make a cute plaque that reflects the excitement of the start of the school year!

If you would like to make this "Plaque Attack" just email me and request "September's Plaque Attack!" I will shoot back the power point document so you can make one for yourself!

By requesting this document via email you are agreeing not to sell the pattern or sell products with this pattern on them. You may make as many products as you would like for personal use.

October's "Plaque Attack" promises ghosts, goblins, bats and cats!

Enjoy creating!

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Darlene said...

That is sooooo CUTE!!! But darn, our schools started on August 18th here. I'll definitely be back for the October plaque.

RURAL magazine said...

You are so very creative, I love this idea.


Julie Harward said...

I love your plaque attacks idea..and everything you do is done so well too...very nice! :D

Julie said...

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

Connie said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing. That is so generous of you. I think your idea is brilliant.

Joni said...

Such a cute idea, I love it!

Melissa said...

What a super-cute idea and it would fit so many places in the home as as seasonal focal point. I must give this some thought and if I decide to do it must by plaque before my involvement in Stash-Busting September.

Julie said...

You can always find a way to make everything fun! What a neat idea! Yours turned out great...can't wait to see what Octobr brings!!!

Tina said...

Such a fantastic idea Suzanne. I love the style of typography. I also just visited your Christmas plaque, which is fabulous as well:) You are so clever and very generous!! Hope you have a fabulous day ~ Tina xx

Barb said...

I love these! I especially love September's--I am a teacher you see...I will definitely be emailing you--thank you so much for sharing your creativity! You are very generous!

Lorie said...

Such a cute idea! I am going to feature this idea on my blog tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Suzanne. You're wonderful!

- Kim said...

LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. :)

Susi said...

Awesome idea...Love it!

Unknown said...

LOVE this! I would like to get the words...but I had a question. Is there anyway to make the words bigger? I have some 12x12 tiles that I would love to use for something like this!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

These are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing. I just found your blog and I'm so glad! I guess I'm your newest follower too.

Stop by sometime and say "hi". :-)

Grammy Goodwill said...

That's a great idea. I've been trying to figure out how to "decorate" for back to school. This plaque will take care of that. Thanks for your generosity in providing it to everyone. I'm emailing you next.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

that is too cute, I'll definitely email you so you can send me the template. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anna Sams said...

How cute! I love it and want one for myself! Anna @ Moon River .... If you get a chance come by for my friday party!

Allison Shops said...

So cute. Love the name of your post.

I wanted to let you know about Atticmag's new linky party - Giveaway Friday! It's a convenient place for bloggers to link their giveaways each week. We've kicked it off with a fantastic giveaway of our own. Five lucky winners will win material to do a backsplash in their homes. Hope to see you there!


Unknown said...

I love it! I have had subway art on the brain this past week and can't get it out of my head...

Have a great night!
-Ann Marie

Erin said...

This is sooo dang cute! I can't wait to see OCtobers!


Kinzie Sue said...

What a fun little way to bring in the excitement that each month holds in store! Love it!

Lisa said...

I had so much making these. Thank you for the email attachment. I linked your blog from mine. http://drinkthelemonade.blogspot.com/2010/09/have-you-heard-about-plaque-attack.html

mimi said...



Unknown said...

AH! I just went back to read this, and found the most helpful piece of info: mod podge on both objects! I always seem to have one or two bubbles when I mod podge, hope this can help!