Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Is there anything more lush or lovely than a peony?

As far as flowers go, the peony certainly deserves a top spot on my "favorite flowers list."

Although its blooming cycle is short-lived, for a few weeks around the beginning of June my garden is transformed by the big bright colors of this gorgeous plant.

I love making full, voluptuous bouquets of these beauties. Because our plants are over-achievers, we can bring an armful of flowers inside and still leave more than enough in the garden.

I have two peony plants in my yard. Because one is more shaded than the other, they usually bloom about two weeks apart, which provides us with blossoms throughout the early summer! Heavenly.

I wish I had more room in my garden to plant about 102 more peonies. 
Make that 105...

I'm not sure even that would satisfy me. 

Have a wonderful day!