Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bloomin' Tuesday: Succulent Window Garden...

Our family has been thrown a few curve balls these last couple of years. I know that isn't anything unusual. I don't know a family that hasn't had some type of serious issue lately. It's an epidemic, but I've felt like we've spent time in the major leagues -- fast balls, curve balls, strike outs. I yearn for a little down time playing t-ball with 4 year olds and getting some easy home runs.

When life seems a bit overwhelming, I often turn to gardening. It lifts my spirit and satisfies my creative bent. February in Colorado isn't exactly the best time to do yard work. In a few months I'll be wrist-deep in dirt planting impatiens and tomatoes, but in the middle of winter I have to concentrate on inside gardens if I want that calming, creative influence in my life.

I have a corner window in my kitchen that houses a variety of blue and white pottery that I've collected over the years. I pick up items here and there (often at thrift stores) that strike my fancy.

Occasionally, I've received a few pieces as gifts...

The other day I decided to put them to better use and fill them with succulents. Here are some of the containers that I used. Gravy boats, different sized pitchers, and other odd sized containers became receptacles for these gorgeous succulents.

I love the feeling of bringing the outside indoors.

These plants will do beautifully in our window, and when it gets warmer outside and they've outgrown their containers, I will plant them in our garden to enjoy over the spring and summer.

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Julie said...

This succulent fanatic LOVES your creative garden for winter! Awesome!!!

kr said...

I'm sorry you've had a rough couple of years. I've missed you and your sewing posts. I'm not a gardener myself (I do it out of necessity)but I appreciate your lovely garden.