Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Black & White - New Style

Today I got in the mood to change things up a little. I altered the pattern that I had been using for the totes and made this pattern. If you'll note my previous tote pattern enlarges a little toward the bottom of the bag. In the new pattern, the bag gets slimmer toward the bottom of the purse. This makes for a smaller bag -- more purselike -- although the opening is the same width for both purses. I still have to tweak the pattern a bit, but I was happy with it for a first attempt. This photo shows the button closure, which is a little different than I've done in the past. And the last photo is just a close up of the snake skin fabric I love!


Shannon said...

I like the alterations. They look great!

Anonymous said...

wow.. you were good.. I like the pattern

Mia said...

I like the slimmer bottom too. That is kind of how my purse that I have now is.