Monday, July 11, 2016

Children's Ice Cream Shop... the big reveal!

A few weeks ago on a blog post I mentioned that I had bought a used TV stand to repurpose into an ice cream shop for children. I finished it shortly after that post and it's time for the reveal. You might remember that I talked the cashier at the thrift store down to $5 for this "beauty." {I'm embarrassingly cheap when it come to repurposing items.}

Here are the steps it took to repupose this TV stand into a fun treat shop for the grandkids...

1. I disassembled it -- the top, kick plate, knobs, and cupboard doors all came off.

At this point, the back of the TV stand became the front of the ice cream shop, so when I refer to the "front" and "back" I am referring to the front and back of the new ice cream shop.

2. I applied a coat of Kilz Original Oil-Based Primer on all the pieces.  I also bought a piece of hard board and cut it to size for the front of the ice cream shop. {There was no "back" on the TV stand before.}

3. I used Behr "One to Remember" and Behr "Misty Isle" to paint the shop. These are beautiful colors reminiscent of peach and mint chocolate chip ice cream -- perfect for the little shop.

4. When the pieces were painted, I reassembled the stand -- turning the top around to the (now) front of the ice cream shop and placing the kick plate on the front of the shop. The hard board was also put on the front of the shop. New knobs were placed on the cupboard doors.

5. I bought two 1-1/4" x 48" round dowels at Home Depot. Two round holes were drilled in the top of the shop. I also cut two 2-1/2" cubes and drilled a hole through both of those. They were glued to the inside of the shop to help secure the bottom of the dowels. {See below.}

6. Strips of cotton were cut 1-1/2" x 16" to make the fabric banner. It was strung across the dowels.

7. A cute ice cream sign was purchased from Amazon to add to the front of the shop.

8. Two "Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop Sets" were purchased. This magnetic play set makes it easy for little ones to scoop up the ice cream and place it on the cones!

The result was more than I'd hoped for... 

The ice cream shop was revealed at our family reunion. It was my hope the little ones would enjoy playing with something new. It did not disappoint...

It was especially fun when the adults got into it and ordered real ice cream from the kiddos. 

From a junkie old TV stand to a fresh new children's ice cream shop, this repurposed item was one of my favorites of all time!

My thanks to Mindi, at My Love 2 Create, for inspiring this project with her Frozen Treat Stand!

And one more thing... aren't my grandkids adorable!?!


Unknown said...

Suzanne! This turned out beautifully! It is absolutely adorable, especially with those "adorable" grandchildren! :) I really like the fabric banner and the ice cream sign on the front gives it such a sweet touch. I always enjoy seeing your creations, you are very creative and have the best ideas! Hope your reunion was lots of fun and you were able to fill up your love bucket with TONS of hugs from all your children and grands!!

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

Such a darling and creative idea and done so well! You have very lucky grand kiddos! I love to see projects like this made from cast off items! Thank you!

Jenni said...

You are AMAZING!

L3 said...

The ice cream stand is awesome, but those grandchildren!! They stole the pictures.
Don't you love Melissa and Doug toys???

Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

Oh my Gosh Suzanne, it turned out so so so cute!! And your grandkids are just adorable! ! It looks like they love it, and they should you did an amazing job! I love sign you got it is perfect with those fun ice cream cones, this makes me happy inside!! :)

Sue W said...

My husband and I crafted a kitchen from a computer desk and all 6 grandchildren have played with it. Surprisingly they almost never play house, but instead use it for a restaurant kitchen complete with their own menus. This ice cream stand is just adorable and if our grandkids weren't quickly getting too old, I would latch onto the idea. Isn't it wonderful to see cousins together making memories?