Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gift Card Lil' Wristlet

I have two little friends, Dani & Grace, who happen to be sisters with birthdays in the same week. When I was young I always loved a little change in my pocket, so I thought I'd give them a couple of gift cards for their birthdays, but I wanted to "wrap" the gift cards in something special that they could use over and over again, so I made a small wristlet just big enough to hold the cards. Since we all give gift cards at one time or another, I thought I'd share this pattern that I created for this purpose.

The finished dimensions of these wristlets are 7 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall with a 5.5 inch long strap. It's smaller than my other wristlets, but still big enough for the essentials for an adult (cash, a debit card, a license and keys), or in this case the valuables of a little girl!

You will need to cut out pieces of fabric in the following dimensions. (Please see photo below.) Remember all measurements are in inches.
  • Strap - cut one 12 inch x 2 inch piece.
  • Lining - cut two 8 inch x 5 inch pieces.
  • Outside back - cut one 8 inch x 5 inch piece.
  • Zipper "ends" - cut two 3 inch x 1.5 inch pieces.
  • Outside front - cut one 3 inch x 5 inch piece and one 6 inch x 5 inch piece.
Also, you will need (not shown in photo):
  • One 9 inch zipper & thread.
  • Interfacing - cut two 8 inch x 5 inch pieces of fusible fleece.
I allow for 1/2" seams. Once you have the fabric cut out, you will need to round the bottom corners of your outside edges. You will only be rounding one side of each of your outside front pieces because you will sew those pieces together. You can do this by taking a small cup, meeting the side and bottom selvages and drawing a line around the cup, like I did on this piece of paper...

Then, trim the bottom edges around the pen line. This will provide a curved edge at the bottom of the wristlet.

Pin the 5 inch sides of the outside fronts together and sew with a 1/2 inch seam. (Make sure you are sewing the straight edges together, so the curved bottom edges will be on the outside edge.)

Now go to Flossie Teacake's fabulous tutorial, follow it, and get 'er done! I add a strap to mine. Just tuck it into the seam before you sew around the outside edges. Then go here to "Emily's Little World" and follow this fabulous tutorial on how to make the flowers! I attach mine with fabric glue. And... you're done! You've got a place to hide some gift cards and the receiver has a wristlet to carry around long after those cards are spent!

Have a great day!

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Mia said...

Those are a great idea! They would make a perfect little gift for anyone. Ok probably anyone that is a girl...

Angie said...

These are adorable! What a thoughtful way to package a gift card. We are headed to Vegas in the fall and I was telling my hubs that I didn't want to lug my purse around. This would be a GREAT alternative! Thanks for sharing!

Lisalulu said...

GREAT idea... this is one of those ideas that you slap your head -donk- Why Didn't I think of that... Thank you so so so much for sharing!!!

Ami Allison said...

ADORABLE!! Thanks for the great tutorial. I agree with MiaKatia!! It definitely makes giving a gift card as a present a LOT more exciting. I think next time I give one I am DEFINITELY doing it this way. I always think it's so impersonal when you give a gift card as a present. Thank you again for this tutorial!! :)

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Beautiful work and what a great idea for gift cards!

Unknown said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!! What a cute idea! Guess I will be printing out this tute and making some soon, I have a few little birthdays coming up in the family. Thanks Suzanne for sharing your creativity!!! Can I come spend a day with you? LOL Maybe some of those creative juices will run out all over me!!! :)

Becky said...

So cute and great for a little girl!

Tina said...

These are soooo adoreable!! I love them, and what a perfect sixe for a gift card! You clever, clever lady:) Hope you have a lovely weekend Suzanne ~ Tina xx

Brandi Nell said...

Hi! Just found your blog and am LOVING it! I am a DIY girl myself :) You should stop by sometime and say hello!

Brandi Nell

cb said...

I love this tutorial. So cute!
Thanks for sharing!

Many Thanks,

Sweetly Fallen

Connie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Art Gallery board. I so appreciate comments, it kind of gives me a little boost to keep creating.

I love the idea of a gift card wristlet and great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

m said...

Oh Suz, love ya so much. The girls just adore their birthday gifts from you. Dani has been proudly carrying hers around. Tonight after dinner we were saying we need ice cream (we really didn't, we were stuffed!!) She announces to the party of 25 people we were with that she has a card to Cold Stone with $5 whole dollars on it! We laughed and laughed. So sweet that she thought she could contribute.
Oh and we love the bright colors on Grace's, especially the orange flower. You are AWESOME!!
Love ya sis, m

Anna said...

very cute suzanne!

. said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I'm a new follower
& I am loving these rings, just had to reblog :D

Feel free to stop by and visit, we've finally got everything up and running.

Amber D said...

I know of at least one person who will be getting this for Chirstmas.Thanks for sharing.

Kimminita said...

I just made this and it was so easy and so much fun! The end result is on my blog waiting for you to come over and see what inspiration you are.

Florence (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I love the rounded edges - thank you so much for the link! x