Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trying to Catch Up!

I'm way behind this year. Way, way behind. Usually by now I've got my whole yard planted. In past years by the third week of May I have the annual flower beds planted, the containers are filled, and the veggies are securely tucked away in their summer home. I'm several weeks behind at best. Today I decided to get serious, so I visited my four favorite nurseries in town and bought a bundle. At the first stop I bought some items for my containers. Million bells, sutera and lobelia were loaded onto the cart.

Then I spied this sweet little ceramic blackbird and lost all concentration. I'm such a sucker for garden nick-nacks. I paid for the flowers and the bird, got in the car, realized how easy it is for me to get side-tracked, and decided to get more serious.... (He's cute, isn't he? He has funny little beady eyes and a smile on his beak.) Uhhh, where was I...

At the second stop I bought two grocery carts full of container plants. You could say I was getting warmed up. I filled the trunk with geraniums, gerbera daisies, African daisies, marigolds, New Guinea impatiens, nemesia and nicotiana.

At the third stop I bought some plants to add "interest" to the containers, like ... spikes, vincas, asparagus ferns, and coleus. This last purchase facilitated a stop back home because there was no longer any room in the car. I spent the next half hour traipsing back and forth from my car to the back yard dumping off all the loot.

Back in the car. I was just getting started. Four flats of impatience were added to the car at the last stop. That's 288 plants. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Then I had to buy 7 large bags of potting mix and 3 large bags of compost. The back of my car barely skimmed the pavement as I rode home, and the car took on the air of a cow pasture. A little too "earthy" for my taste.

The good news: The impatience, all 288 of them, got planted. Six containers got filled with a variety of beautiful blooms.

The bad news: I'm so sore I can't move, and I have many, many more containers to fill.


RURAL magazine said...

Suzanne, I love the new look. At least it is new to me, I usually read everyone in Google Reader, so I probably missed the "ta da" moment.

Gotta tell you, garden centres are loving you right now. After the cool wet spring, they need all the help they can get.


Unknown said...

I had to chuckle as I read your post! :) I get in the garden centers and just can't decide so I end up with MORE than I really was going to purchase. Then, Like you I end up SORE from all the planting..but the rewards are great when everything looks so pretty and blooms all summer. Enjoy your flowers!

Tins and Treasures said...

I love the little bird too...Your flowers are so pretty. We usually go out on Memorial Day to get ours. Have a great weekend. ~Natalie

Renee said...

The bird is precious, and all the flowers look healthy and beautiful!

OK, I've been looking everywhere for white impatience.... your blog is the only place I can find them. The people at the Home Depot pointed me toward a bunch of white vinca. NO, I don't want vinca, I want impatience!!!! A little stressed yesterday, but after a full night of sleep, I'm back out this morning. I've got a shade garden and, this is exciting, two new gardens to plant within the next few weeks! Both sun. I'm doing wisteria for the first time and perhaps some double knockout roses, along with herbs and veggies. Is it OK to mix? We'll find out. I haven't had the best of luck with my traditional roses, so I'm selling out.

Do you mix a lot of colors or do you stick to one or two coordinating?

Phew, this is a rambler, huh? Sorry, your post was so inspiring.

Kristine said...

Gosh your yard must be so beautiful! I need to learn how to plant more things. We have so much sun straight on our house, its hard to keep the poor plants alive :(